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The Primer Package

The Primer Package offers 2 weeks of services. This package offers a great introduction to what a doula can offer and during these two weeks together we can consider the direction of your journey going forward. Two weeks of visits may provide enough time to make progress towards some specific goals. In addition, depending on your unique needs, I may be able provide some basic tools to continue making progress towards your goals on your own.  

  • 2 weeks of pre-vigil support (60-90 minute visits once a week)

  • Approximately 2 hours of doula research and preparation for our visits

  • Visit time includes abbreviated versions of your services of choice: Life Review (including RUGS, if desired), Guided Meditation, Carpe Diem Days, Ceremony/Ritual, creation of a Legacy/Remembrance Project, development of a Vigil Plan or a focus on caregiver needs

  • Emotional, Psychological, & Informational Support to dying person and care team

  • Respite for at-home caregivers, In other words, while I work with the Client, caregivers may choose to use that time to eat, shower, visit with a friend, take a walk - to rest their minds and restore their strength

  • Text or email access to the doula during care time. Briefly communicating before sessions can help us to come up with a focus of our next visit in order to make the most of our time together.

The Primer Package
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