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Basic Retreat Package

$550, variable

A retreat is highly personalized based on your goals, needs and direction. Your retreat will be created specifically for you and priced according to what you need. Before I plan your retreat, we will begin with a session where I learn your needs. Would you like the retreat to adhere to a specific faith or be more generally peaceful and restorative? Do you need a retreat plan or retreat guide or both? Who will attend, an individual or extended family? How long do you want the retreat to last, hours or days? 

A retreat can also be virtual. I have planned and led virtual retreats before and they are surprisingly effective and creative. A virtual retreat offers the advantage of allowing the participation of multiple people in different locations which can provide a wonderful way for family and friends to unite across distances at such a deeply meaningful time.  

Often caregivers can benefit from a retreat designed specifically for them. Retreats can be easily adapted to involve people of any health or physical ability. A retreat can be a celebration, a thinking time, an escape or an opportunity to just slow down and *breathe.*

Below is an example of how both a planned and guided in-person retreat could be organized and priced. 

Sample retreat parameters: Family “personal life theme” morning retreat (ending with a shared lunch). Held at home. ($550, including detailed planning)                                                                                                 Services include:

  • Initial in-person meeting (90 minutes) where I discuss with you the retreat goals and style then I use what you say to design the retreat.

  • 8-10 hours pre-planning and creating/assembling material, including shopping as needed

  • Typed retreat plan, agenda, supplies list emailed followed by a video conference to discuss adjustments

  • Many supplies are kept stocked by Gentle Journey and included in your price while other supplies require an additional charge. However every added charge is up to you, according to your budget (some groups, for example, get tshirts printed or select meaningful retreat gifts)

  • Day of retreat, I arrive early to set up and stay late to clean up 

  • Guided retreat from 9-12:00 with potluck lunch afterwards

  • This sample family retreat includes an opening icebreaker game, opening session, small group discussion, private journal/reflection time, break, second session, craft, and closing ritual. Often meditation is also included, if the client chooses.

  • Text, email contact with doula for the two weeks following the retreat so any followup questions or ideas can be shared

Basic Retreat Package
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