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Basic Vigil Package

This package is for people who need the doula to only provide light emotional and physical support during the vigil because they have a larger circle of support who can accomplish most of the work themselves. In addition to providing presence, the doula will inform people about the signs and symptoms of imminent death and provide a steadying presence.

Package Details

  • 10 hours of vigil support & guidance

  • 4 hours (approximately) of doula vigil activity preparation as needed  

  • 2 hours of vigil record keeping

  • Abbreviated vigil planning at onset of vigil (or earlier if service hours want to be shifted)

  • Emotional, psychological, & informational support to everyone present

  • Assistance with practical vigil care

  • Limited presence during the vigil (10 hours) can work well with a larger care circle.  Note that active dying, i.e. the entire vigil time when death is imminent, normally lasts 3-5 days (72+ hours). It is very beneficial during this time to have a doula managing the space and helping adhere to the client's vigil plan so the family can focus on their loved one.

  • Attending to basic vigil care needs such as mouth care and applying compresses or gentle touch

  • The doula also provides education on the dying process and reassurance.

  • Immediate post-death services, as needed

  • Referrals to community bereavement services

  • 1 check-in call after the death

Basic Vigil Package
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