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Caregiver Care

Caregivers need strong support to continue providing care in what is often a very difficult time emotionally. We can work on prioritizing things in your brain and increasing self-care to effective levels. We can work to prevent or cure caregiver burnout. I can hold space for you and listen to all that you are shouldering, This package includes anticipatory-grief support for the caregivers (preceding death) and may include extended support after death.

Package Details

You decide how you want to best spend our time together. The following is a suggested distribution of hours:

  • 3  weeks of caregiver care visits (weekly, 60-90 minutes each) plus another 4 weeks after death. These 7 visits can be distributed among several people and can be used and spaced as needed. As always, you have the option to add more visits.

  • 5 hours of doula prep work (approximately)

  • Holding space for the caregiver(s) as they process through their feelings and responsibilities.

  • Evaluation of caregiver status & needs

  • Relaxation or guided meditation for caregiver, according to their unique needs

  • Education on relaxation techniques and habits to employ as needed

  • Self-care assessment and self-care improvement plan

  • Respite for at-home caregivers (during which time I can do some gentle life review, legacy work, etc with your loved one)

  • Evaluation of the environment to improve the quality of life for the dying person and caregivers

  • text or email access to doula during care time

  • Anticipatory grief work

  • 4 Post death visits to process our shared experience and begin early grief work (60-90 minutes each)

  • Sharing in the healing activity of connecting through our shared experience of journeying through the care of your loved one. 

  • Referrals to community bereavement service.

  • Together planning of an optional parting ritual which brings our journey to a beautiful close.

  • +1 check-in call after the post death visit

Caregiver Care
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