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Journey Overview

The journey can easily become overwhelming when there seem to be so many important decisions to make. This package is for people who want to sort it all out and make a plan for going forward. You can use the doula as a sounding board and educator for some of the care decisions you need to make. The doula will also assist with an overall review of the environment, caregiver needs, quality of life issues and care plans.

Package Details 

  • 5 hours of visits

  • 6 hours of doula research and visit preparation (approximately)

  • Assistance with, or review of, advance directives

  • Evaluation of the environment to improve the quality of life.

  • Discussion of plans, as needed, with the care team and Client. 

  • Offering a sounding board and help processing the emotional impact of care decisions.

  • Evaluation of caregiver status & needs, with suggestions. 

  • Brief restorative self-care training and a self-care assessment for caregivers

  • Evaluation of timing for involving hospice

  • Guidance in hospice comparison and choice

  • Preliminary vigil planning

  • Phone & text access to the doula for duration of visits

Journey Overview
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