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Standard Doula Package


This is a full-spectrum package that offers support and guidance across the entire end of life journey. This package includes the option of all services, depending on how the client chooses to focus their time in the visits.

Normally, in the early days of service, the doula will work with the dying person to review their life and create a remembrance project, often incorporating carpe diem days, guided meditation and meaningful ritual. As that work unfolds, the doula will help the dying person and loved ones create a vigil plan that expresses their wishes. The doula provides constant support via text etc for the duration of the journey.  I walk with you.

During the last days of life, the doula will provide presence at the bedside, emotional and psychological support, guidance on the dying process, assistance with practical care, and respite for at-home caregivers.

After the death, the doula will help loved ones process their experiences, provide information about the grief process, and facilitate some early work toward a healthy return to living a well-functioning meaningful life.

Package Details

  • 5 weeks of pre-vigil support (visits once a week). In practice, these five visits can be spread over any length of time after which we can take a break until I am needed again. Early life processing etc is highly beneficial.

  • Approximately 5 hours of doula research and preparation for our visits

  • Visit time includes services of choice: Life Review, Guided Meditation, Carpe Diem Days, Ceremony/Ritual, creation of a Legacy/Remembrance Project, development of a Vigil Plan

  • Emotional, Psychological, & Informational Support to dying person and care team

  • Respite for at-home caregivers - while I work and care for the Client, caregivers can choose to use that time to eat, shower, visit with a friend, take a walk, etc

  • Phone, text or email access to the doula throughout care time. I provide constant support on the journey.

  • 17 hours of vigil presence & guidance (24 hour availability) - active dying, i.e. the entire vigil time when death is imminent, normally lasts 3-5 days (72+ hours). It is very beneficial to have a doula managing the space, simple care needs and the vigil plan so that family can focus on their loved one. The doula also provides education on the dying process and reassurance.

  • Attending to basic vigil care needs such as mouth care and applying compresses or gentle touch

  • Extended presence at the time of death & right afterwards(if vigil hours are budgeted this way)

  • 2 post death visits with loved ones (totaling 3 hours) to process our shared experience and begin early grief work

  • Processing the experience of caring for your loved one and beginning early grief work.

  • Referrals to community bereavement services

  • 1 check-in call after the post death visits

Standard Doula Package
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