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Traditional Vigil Package

This package is for people who want regular doula support and guidance through the last days of a dying person’s life. The doula will begin with some abbreviated vigil planning. The doula will then explain the simplified vigil plan to the care team to ensure that the wishes expressed by the dying person or loved ones on behalf of the dying person are followed as closely as possible. The focus of this service is on the difficult days of the vigil itself. The doula will provide a constant and steady presence while offering emotional, physical, and informational support during the vigil to the dying and family

Package Details

  • 20 Hours of vigil support & guidance

  • 3 hours of doula preparation and vigil record keeping

  • 24 hour text access to doula for the duration of the vigil and approximately a week afterwards

  • Abbreviated vigil planning at the start of the vigil or earlier if service hours are distributed to allow pre-planning

  • Emotional, psychological, & informational support

  • Attending to basic vigil care needs such as mouth care and applying compresses or gentle touch

  • Vigil plan implementation assistance

  • Respite for at-home caregivers - while I care for the Client and provide the vigil experience as planned, caregivers can choose to use my care time to eat, shower, call a friend, take a walk, etc

  • Extended presence at the time of death and immediately afterwards

  • Post-death services 

  • 1 post-death visit (of up to 1.5 hours) to process our shared experience and begin early grief work

  • Referrals to community bereavement services

  • 1 check-in call after the post death visit

Traditional Vigil Package
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