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Trainer DIY Package


The Trainer DIY Package provides a solid month of weekly trainings with handouts for the Client or their care team with the goal of understanding and being able to provide a simplified version of some doula services yourself so that you can journey forward without missing important moments and conversations. You choose a couple pre-vigil services from the menu and we will train on whatever we can briefly, yet competently, cover in 4 sessions. This package works well for a Client who has an exceptionally strong care team that includes at least one dedicated person with the time to commit to emotional care and with the comfort to perhaps discuss some difficult topics. (Note that for initial training only, an INELDA doula goes through about 100 hours of training and practice work so that’s why we need to prioritize our time together.)

  • 4 weeks of training (60-90 minute visits once a week) starting with an initial discussion of goals and needs

  • Approximately 8 hours of doula research and preparation for our visits

  • Services of choice include: Life Review (including contemplating or discussing RUGS), Guided Meditation, Carpe Diem Days, Ceremony/Ritual, Legacy/Remembrance Project, discussing hospice and advanced directives, how to develop a basic Vigil Plan, supporting caregivers/self-care tutorial.  

  • Unique Lessons, as needed to meet your needs - If you don’t see what you need on the above  list, make sure and ask. I can tailor training to your needs

  • Emotional, Psychological, & Informational Support to dying person and care team as needs arise during our training

  • Respite for at-home caregivers, In other words, if I work independently with the Client, caregivers may choose to use that time to eat, shower, visit with a friend, take a walk - to rest their minds and restore their strength

  • Text or email access to the doula during care time. 

Trainer DIY Package
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