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Vigil Plan + Legacy Package

This package Includes all of The Vigil Plan Package elements, plus adds a full, structured life review which the client often finds brings them quite a lot of essential peace. The doula will assist in creating a legacy project beginning with a life review to reveal life themes that could be carried forward in a Legacy Project,  A Legacy Project beautifully empowers the Client as they write their own next chapter and is also gives powerful comfort to family so they know exactly how their loved one has chosen to be remembered. A Life Review also gently informs the Vigil Plan as well as the Client often chooses to involve elements that they discovered to be central to their life. This pairing of the Legacy Project and Vigil Plan creates a gentle continuity to the journey.

Package Details

  • 10 weeks of visits and support (once a week for 60-90 minutes). In practice, these sessions can be spaced according to what works best for the Client

  • 10 hours of doula research and visit preparation (approximately)

  • Assistance with, or review of, all advance directives

  • Evaluation of the environment to improve the quality of life for the client and family, if desired

  • Evaluation of caregiver status & needs, with suggestions for improvement

  • Evaluation of timing for selecting and involving hospice

  • Full Life Review work where, usually over several sessions, themes or meaning emerges which then often informs how to design a vigil. The direction of Life Review work is unique for each client as it is determined by their own direction of thought and need to process different aspects of life. This whole Life Review process often brings about healing peace and closure.

  • Creation of a legacy project. The Life Review provides a natural launching point for t discussion on a legacy/remembrance project

  • Full Vigil Plan development. The extended session time allows the Client and Family to more carefully ponder and plan the vigil so the exact details are compiled  n the final plan that will be used when the time comes

  • Typing up of vigil plans and explanation to care team

  • Clarification of vigil plan as needed

  • Phone, text & email access to the doula for duration of visits

  • One post death call to process our shared experience.  The doula often makes observations or holds memories of your loved one from their time together which can bring comfort to the family.

Vigil Plan + Legacy Package
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