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Vigil Plan Package

This package is for people who want to focus on creating a vigil plan for the last days of life. So much peace can be found both by the dying person in gently considering their final days and by the family in just knowing what their loved one wants even if they are no longer able to tell us. Developing a vigil plan early in the journey, when such a discussion can still easily occur, brings peace as well. However, a vigil plan can still be made even late in the process and can greatly help family feel, in retrospect, that they helped their loved one travel the journey well. In addition, sometimes loved ones find it very difficult to discuss death even when the dying person is ready to plan for it.  A doula can help with those conversations. With the VIgil Plan Package, the doula can also assess the dying person and caregiver needs, do some life review work, and make sure everything is in place for the start of a vigil.

Package Details:

  • 6 weeks of visits and support (once a week for 60-90 minutes). In practice, these sessions can be spaced according to what works best. For example, more time may be wanted between sessions for consideration of deeper needs.

  • 6 hours of doula research and session prep (approximately)

  • Assistance with, or review of, advance directives

  • Evaluation of the environment to improve the quality of life

  • Evaluation of caregiver status & needs, with suggestions

  • Evaluation of timing for involving and choosing a hospice, if needed

  • Brief Life Review work as vigil-plan pre-work. Life Review helps one process what elements are important to include in the vigil environment. New discoveries and self-realizations are often revealed through this prep work that enrich the vigil time.

  • Full and complete vigil plan development.

  • Typing up of vigil plans and explanation to care team

  • Clarification of vigil plan as needed

  • Phone, text & email access to the doula for duration of visits

  • One post death call to process our shared experience and begin early grief work

Vigil Plan Package
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